Phase 2 –  Mrs Cordingley

What sounds can you hear? How does this make you feel? What colours can you see?

I can hear…
I can see…
I feel….


Bonfire Night

What do people do to celebrate Bonfire Night?

Use this opener

Some people…

Use these nouns and verbs to make sentences

watch    fireworks

burn      fire

eat         toffee apples

drink      hot chocolate



Welcome back to another year in Phase 2

Welcome to Phase 2, New to English. This half term, we will be reading I’m a Girl by Yasmeen Ismail. We will begin by learning the key nouns and verbs from the story. Once we feel confident with the new language, we will read the story and discuss the characters, settings and theme. We will then write our own book about ourselves using the new vocabulary and language structures that we  learn over the following weeks .


Counting in 4s


I do like to be beside the seaside!

This half term, our topic is all about the British seaside.

We will be reading The Little Girl who Lives Down the Road by Niki Daly- a story about a group of hilarious animals who spend a day at the seaside.


A Squash and a Squeeze

Our new book – A Squash and a Squeeze – is about an old lady who complains to a wise old man about how teeny her house is.

The old man suggests she takes all of her animals into the house and what a mess they make!

Can you match up the verbs to the nouns and then explain what happens when the old lady bring the animals into the house?


Brontë Similes

This week we’ve been looking at how we can improve our writing by using descriptive language. We all know adjectives and adverbs help bring writing to life but what other techniques can we use to help create a picture in our readers’ minds?

The Brontë sisters were huge fans of similes. We use similes to make a comparison usually using the words ‘like’ or ‘as’

Here are a few of Charlotte’s similes. Who or what do you think she might be describing?

– shivering like a child in a cold cradle.
– calm as glass
– pale as a white stone
– weak like the wing of a chicken

Add your ideas to the blog.

Mrs Crossley


Our trip to Brontë Country

New to English Bowling Park’s Slidely by Slidely Slideshow


To walk invisible


What we know about the Brontë sisters

Hello Everyone,

Our new topic, ‘Who were the Brontës?’ has already led to some fantastic discussions in the Phase 2 classroom – Why were female writers not taken seriously? Why did so many people die young in the 1800s? Why is Branwell not in the portrait?

To keep you thinking over the weekend, answer these Brontë brainteasers –

What did the girls’ father do for a job?
Where were the girls born?
What was Emily’s most famous novel called?
What was Anne Bronte’s pseudonym?


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